Dragan Gelev

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I like computers, relaxing in nature, listening dance and rock music, solving puzzles, playing piano, learning new stuff, experimenting with new features and spending my free time with friends.


So I am a computer science student and I have been working with computer systems and networks as a hobby for a very long time. I have built my own personal LAN network at home and Wireless Hotspot system that was available in longer range of my small town consisting of various switches, load balancers, routers, access points and repeaters. I was able to control connection types (web interface login, PPTP and etc.), users, bandwidth, traffic and etc. I also got servers to experiment with VPS’s and improve my virtualization and configuration knowledge. I was making some advanced applications with Visual Studio for my needs, also creating, editing and upgrading HTML/CSS templates and very basic knowledge of other programming languages. My hardware knowledge is also very good - custom building, modding, diagnising and upgrading my computer, server or laptop is a big challenge for me to stay up to date with the technology and keep running stabile my devices. Unbricking routers/modems and installing custom firmware with more features was very interesting for myself and from there I have improved my JTAG programming knowledge.


Computer skills:

  • Knowledge of computer hardware
  • Knowledge of networking principles(OSI model)
  • Knowledge of TCP/IP protocol stack
  • Familiarity with DNS, DHCP, VoIP, SSH and etc.
  • Practical experience with network configuration
  • Knowledge of network devices(routers and switches)
  • Knowledge of operating systems principles
  • Knowledge of Windows and Windows Server
  • Basic knowledge of Linux and Linux Server
  • Knowledge of Active Directory
  • Knowledge of email software(MS Outlook)
  • Knowledge of virtualization software(VirtualBox, VMware Workstation, vSphere, Citrix)
  • Knowledge of ticketing systems (Service-Now, HPSM9)
  • Knowledge of Windows troubleshooting (Printers, MS Office and etc.)
  • Web server configuration and basic database knowledge (XAMP, LAMP)
  • Familiarity with basics of Skype for Busines 2015 (Lync 2013) technology (working principle, server roles and etc.)
  • Languages: English, Russian, Bulgarian, Serbian and Croatian.

    About me:

    • Willingness to learn and improve
    • Adaptive and hardworking
    • Responsible when working within a team

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